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May 1988                                  Cat Among the Pigeons

October 1988                           A Basinful of the Briny

May 1989                                  There Goes the Bride

October 1989                            Sailor Beware

May 1990                                   See How They Run

September 1990                       Apple and Eve

March 1991                               All for Mary

November 1991                        The Creature Creeps

March 1992                               Strictly for the Birds

December 1992                        My Three Angels

March 1993                              Hobson’s Choice

December 1993                       When We Are Married

June 1994                                 Blithe Spirit

May 1995                                  One O’clock From The House

July 1996                                   Evening Entertainment

November 1996                       It Runs In The Family

May 1997                                  Fish Out of Water

July 1997                                  Evening Entertainment

April 1998                                 Murdered to Death

July 1998                                  Summer Entertainment

November 1998                       Out of Focus

May 1999                                  Out of Order

October 1999                           Autumn Entertainment

January 2001                           Haywire

July 2001                                   Summer Entertainment/Last Panto in Denstone

November 2001                        Kindly Leave the Stage

December 2002                        World Premiere/What’s for Pudding?

March 2003                               A Rise in the Market

December 2003                        Farndale ‘A Christmas Carol’

May 2004                                  Pull the Other One

May 2005                                  Easy Stages/Distracted Globe

June 2006                                 Caught in the Net

June 2007                                 Gosforth’s Fete (Flourish Festival)

July 2007                                  Celebrations

June 2008 (YDP)                     Midsummer’s Day Dream/ What’s for Pudding?

July 2009                                  Revolting Rhymes (YDP)

July 2010                                  What a Performance - World Premiere / Easy Stages

July 2011                                  Last Tango in Denstone

July 2014                                  Last Tango in Denstone/ Melons at the Parsonage

November 2014                      A Mere Murder

February 2015                          Sleeping Beauty

June 2015                                 Beyond a Joke

November 2015                       Fabulous Night Out  

February 2016                          Cinderella

July 2016                                   Blithe Spirit

September 2016                      Variety Show

February 2017                          Aladdin

June 2017                                 Gold Diggers of 2017

September 2017                       Variety Show

February 2018                          Wizard of Oz

June 2018                                 Variety Show

November 2018                        Improbable Fiction

February 2019                          Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

June 2019                                 Variety Show

October 2019                            A Case of Mistaken Identity

February 2020                          Cobblers

February 2022                          Big Nose 

May 2022                                  Guess Who’s Coming to Tea? / Lockdown In Little Grimley

Sept/Oct 2022                          Variety Show

February 2023                           Pied Piper

May 2023                                   Out for The Count/ It Never Rains But It Pours

September 2023                       Variety Show

February 2024                           Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates







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